Monday, February 28, 2011

Vermont Sweetness: Easter is around the corner

Vermont Sweetness: Easter is around the corner

Easter is around the corner

Here are some beautiful Easter baskets that i have been making, just in time for the Easter bunny to come fill them up!
sorry it's been awhile since i have stopped in to add anything to my blog. Of course i am new to blogging so to remember to drop in every once in awhile, well u know how that goes! Anyway i have been pretty busy with my two children and there basketball schedules and created lots of new items.

I will be posting alot of new cards and gift boxes, some new crocheted items as well. Remember if anyone is interested is purchasing any items, let me know. Send me a message on here or give me a qucik email Prices vary with each item and can make in bulk if you give me enough notice.

Enjoy looking, hope you come back soon :)